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The Alternative to
Property Management

We are a network of local pros, providing ongoing rental property maintenance and tenant support.
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Providing maintenance and tenant support for a rental property is challenging. RentalRiff will take care of this for a fraction of the cost compared to property management.

We are your boots on the ground.

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Why RentalRiff

How It Works

A RentalRiff property specialist dedicated to your property will perform maintenance and provide support while serving as the main point of contact for tenants. Property specialists are licensed/insured contractors and maintenance pros with a serious knack for customer service.


Peace of mind, happy tenants, and a successful rental property await.

What's Included

Maintenance & Turnovers
Troubleshooting & Tenant Support
Go-to contact for you and your tenants
Property Walkthroughs
Network & Resources
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The RentalRiff Story

When our founder and his wife moved from Seattle to a different state, they decided to keep their house as a rental property. After interviewing several property management firms they were blown away by the cost for a service they could largely do on their own. That said, they wanted someone local who could help with maintenance and be a familiar face for their tenants.


A local contractor, Peter, had done some work on their house - they knew he was skilled, friendly, very punctual, and had the flexibility to be at the house quickly. Peter liked the idea of watching over the house and generating some additional income. The tenants, property owners, and Peter all valued the arrangement and RentalRiff was born.


“RentalRiff and my property specialist hit the sweet spot for my needs. We no longer pay property management companies an arm and a leg and our tenants receive better, more personal service.”

- Cara, Property Owner 

“In our experience as renters, this service worked seamlessly. We never had to ask twice for any issues to be resolved and Pete was incredibly friendly -- even willing to listen to my daughter chatter away at him while he was working. Highly recommend.”

- Kris, Tenant 

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